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About Me

Hey! I’m Ernest Ng, the programmer and co-founder of BigBulb Studio. Having more than 5 years’ experience designing and developing user interfaces, debugging, software application and teaching peers in various coding language, I would consider that I have the basic knowledge and know-how in the programming world.

As a video game enthusiast that was enchanted by the virtual game world, now I am passionately enjoying creating my own content with the skills I have honed over the years. I strive to not just provide quality content but also to present them in an aesthetically pleasing manner.



My interest in programming started as early as the age of 12. Back then, I did not really write any form of code, but used interface-based programming (programs like GameMaker). However, the amount of control I wanted over my programs led me to seek lower-level access, eventually influencing me to learn about various programming languages and develop a deeper understanding about computers in terms of both software and hardware.

Tools of the Trade

These are a few languages that am very comfortable and have been writing in for a significant amount of time. I have not learnt any framework.


C #
Action Script 3.0


CSS 3.0

DAB Technology Product Site

DAB Technology is a SME that specializes in material handling systems that provides solutions to meet the challenges of proper workplace design, ergonomics, efficiency and cost reduction. Contracted to design a website with an integrated accounts system for brush product range and a custom-build lifter product range.

In this project, I was fully in charge of both the front-end and back-end of the website. I was tasked to design many elements, including flash applications to demonstrate capabilities of their products, numerous JavaScript-based animations, a web questionnaire that helps customer determine their products, and a secure login system that allows customers to favourite products, add products to cart and send/store quote requests.

Revolutionary Clicker

Revolutionary Clicker, or RevoClicker, is an ongoing self-funded game development project that aims to integrate addictive 'Clicker' gameplay with the immersive storytelling of Visual Novels. Intended to be completed by July 2018, the browser-based game will be free to play.

For this game, other than designing the Visual Novel API for the scripters to write scenes and writing the code for the game itself, I also conceptualised the game mechanics, storyboard and intended message of the game. Over a conversation on a long bus trip home, a friend and I managed to come up with an amazing (note: we think it’s amazing) story concept. Following that, I sought out artists and composers in order to make this game a reality.

The VN API is almost fully documented, and also has a graphical interface counterpart which can allow people with no programming knowledge to write scenes, exporting in JavaScript code.

Project Nephia

Project Nephia is a RPG Mod for the popular video game Minecraft. It adds RPG elements such as a skills system and stats to enhance the gameplay experience of Minecraft. The aim is to make Minecraft feel as close to a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game(MMORPG) as possible, but we have yet to find a suitable server host.

This project was started, with the hopes of bringing exciting RPG elements to the famous sandbox game, Minecraft. In a world where we are born too late to explore the world, and too early to explore cosmos, I wanted to create a game in which players would find themselves thrilled while discovering new locales and unraveling the world’s secrets, and chart their own adventures with their friends. Taking advantage of the sandbox nature of Minecraft, I have drafted several possibilities on how to procedurally generate dungeons and enemies, which can make every adventure and location different from the previous – creating an endless world to explore.

This large project did not only learn very important programming concepts, but also practice other important academic skills such as vector transformation or distribution.

Building Desktops

Software was not my only interest. I offer services of building and customizing desktops. With the basic understanding of how computers work and how programs utilize the hardware, I could tailor make computers that are not just cost efficient for the user, but also aesthetically pleasing. I learnt how to build a desktop after being told custom built desktops are more affordable (since I needed a good one to code faster), and after much research, I learnt that buying parts from other parts of the world and shipping to Singapore can allow for huge profit margins, leading me to starting up an online shop providing this service.



I am also a proficient flautist! With no prior music background, I achieved NUS Grade 5 in Chinese Flute(DiZi) in the short span of 6 months. In the year that followed, I achieved NUS Grade 8. I was part of my school’s Chinese orchestra as well as an external orchestra known as the Golden Eagle Chinese Orchestra (GECO) and performed for these 2 orchestras numerous times. I have also privately given DiZi lessons to a student for his NUS Grade 5 Examination, which he ended up getting a distinction for.

Notable Performances [show]

  • Hwa Chong Junior College Singapore Youth Festival 2015
  • HCICO Taiwan Immersion Trip 2014 (Overseas Performance)
  • GECO (Golden Eagle Chinese Orchestra) Concert 2013
  • Beautiful Sunday Concert 2013 (with GECO)
  • Hwa Chong Institution Singapore Youth Festival 2013
  • 精音绽放 IV (GECO)


I draw a little as a hobby, usually making sketches of my favorite characters or scenes from Japanese animations.

CSS Animations

Realize all the animations in this page? They are actually not .gifs! They are animations made from purely CSS and JavaScript! They are scalable and have no frame limit*! Here are some other animations I made recently:

AWWA Streets Sales

To raise money for AWWA, I suggested allowing children at AWWA to trace pictures over transparent files and sell them at street sales to obtain money. For this project, I was the organizer and the artist. We raised a total of S$2000 for AWWA.


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